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Your lessons only work in browsers that meet the minimum requirements. (View the system requirements)

The lesson interface adapts to the device you are using including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


At the beginning of each unit, if you use a large display you will see a set of triple underlines. When selected they call up a side menu that allows you to reveal or hide progress. Clicking the triple lines will 'hide' or 'unhide' this option. The magnifying glass (within the red rectangle in the image below) will allow you to search the content of the learning unit.

Save Progress

When you want to take a break and come back to the course later make sure that you exit in a controlled manner. Always use the EXIT COURSE link in the top corner of your course display. If you do this then the learning system will remember where you were up to in the course and you will be able to return to that point on your next entry to the course.

If you exit by closing the entire browser and all the windows that are open the system will not remember where you are up to and will find yourself thrown back to the beginning of the course next time you log in.

Time Out

If you leave your learning screen unattended and do not return within 30 minutes, the learning system will automatically exit you from the lesson and you may lose your progress.

When you need to take a break or attend to something else, click the EXIT COURSE link to return to the course page. Then come back when you are ready and log back in and you will be able to continue where you left off.


If you have the side menu open while working through your learning, you will see the elements of your course beneath the course title, and a progress icon that shows how much of each element you have completed.

You will be able to use the menu, by clicking a 'unit' or 'section name', to jump from one element to another once you have completed that part of the learning module. That's how you can return to a known place when you have logged out of the module and returned later.

Once you have completed all the units in a course, you will be able to use the menu to navigate freely within the content.


When you see a CONTINUE button, select it to unlock the next section of the course. 

When the button is clicked it will vanish and you will be able to move freely between sections of the course you have already covered and access the new section that has been unlocked.

If you are working through the training a bit at a time, then the best time to take a break is at a CONTINUE marker button, as it will be easier for you to recall your thoughts on resumption when you break at a marked point.

Most sections of the training materials have divider numbers and these will help you locate where you are. Divider numbers, unlike CONTINUE marker buttons, do not disappear when you move to and from sections.


Many of the images in our training units, can be enlarged. We've done this so you can see more detail because when you are working on a small screen you might not be able to immediately see all the detail clearly.

Videos & Audio

Videos and audio clips are frequently found throughout the lessons. Click the play button (triangle icon) to start playback.


Some slides in the lesson require you to click an image or portion of the screen in order to continue. If an image or section has a flip icon , click it to flip it over.

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