Reporting Dashboard: Overview

Modified on Wed, 15 Nov 2023 at 03:40 PM

Overview of the reporting dashboard features and functions.

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Account Manager Page

  • Sidebar Visibility Toggles: Show or hide sections of the account manager page including Sales Summary, Student Progress, and Affiliate Codes
  • Date Filter: Filter results by date range
  • User Search: search by first name, last name, zip code, email, or phone number

Sales Summary

  • List of orders including student name, course, purchase date, and totals
  • Click the ID link of an order to open User Details

Student Progress

  • List of course participants including contact information, enrollment dates, progress, and grades
  • Click the ID link for a student to open User Details

Affiliate Codes

  • List of purchased affiliate codes/coupons
  • List of students who have used the codes

User Details

Summary of user information and course progress.

  • Return: Go back to the Account Manager
  • Sidebar Visibility Toggles: Show or hide sections of the account manager page including Orders, Courses, Certificates, Exams, Validations, and Logins
  • Order Information: Summary of user's orders
  • Enrolled Courses: Course progress, completion information, and time spent in the course
  • Certificates: Awarded certificates and link to view the certificate
  • Student Exams: Exam attempts and grades with a question-by-question breakdown
  • Student Validation Question: Summary of validation questions passed and failed
  • Student Logins: Log of date and times a user has logged in

Student Exams

  • Overview of each exam attempt including the date, time taken, and score/grade
  • View each question of the exam, the student's answer, and whether it is correct or not

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